Памятка, условные предложения в английском языке


1. Sentences of real condition (type I)

shall /will + infinitive if the present tense

e.g. You shall break your mother’s heart if you continue in this way.

e.g. You shall have cancer if you smoke 20 cigarettes a day.

2. Sentences of unreal condition (type II)

/reference to the present or future/:

should /would + infinitive if the Past Simple

e.g. How nice it would be for me if I had a smart car.

3. Sentences of unreal condition (type III)

/reference to the past/:

should /would + perfect infinitive if the Past Perfect

e.g.  I should have married her if I had met her earlier.

e.g. Of course, all this wouldn’t have happened if the girl hadn’t been so excited.

A Split Condition.

1. If he were not so stupid he wouldn’t have behaved so indecently with the girl. If he knew English well he would have translated the article.

2. If you had worked harder last year, you would know English well now.

Sentences of real condition referring to the future may be of four types:

1.   If I were Bred Pitt she would love me.

2. If young Jane were to occupy the room it would look so different, (the past form of the modal verb refers to the future only)

3. If I should see him tomorrow, I should ask him about it.

We should be glad if у on would give us a call, (willingness).

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