Тест №1 по грамматике для старших курсов с ключами

INSTRUCTION: Fill in each gap with an appropriate form and put down the letter corresponding to this form in your ANSWER SHEET. Sometimes more than one form is right, so choose the most likely one. When the time is over hand in your paper to the instructor.

1. Banks … more money these days to encourage businesses to expand.

A. lend  B. have lent  С. are lending  D. do lend

2. I… taking early retirement

A. considering     B. consider     C. am being considered     D. am considering

3. My ceiling … in and the kitchen is flooded. Come quickly!

A. has fallen     B. has been fallen    С. is falling        D. is being fallen

4. «Is that the phone?» «Don’t worry. I… it.»

A. am going to get       B.get        С. am getting      D. will get

5. Let’s hope the volcanic eruption … before we arrive on the island.

A. will finish      B. shall finish   С. will have been finished     D. will have finished

6. The orchestra … Mahler’s 5th Symphony at next week’s concert.

A. is performing       B. is going to perform    C. performing      D. shall perform

7. Clear the area! The bomb ….

A. will explode        B. is going to explode       С. is exploding           D. has been exploding

8. There … a ban on smoking in restaurants, but restaurant owners have forced the council to reconsider.

A. was to be        B. was to had been            C. was being           D. was to have been

9. The profits of the company … reach $100 million this year.

A. may well           B. can well        C. might well          D. could well

10. I bought a new car last year, and then a month later I won one in a competition. So I… all that money.

A. didn’t have to spend         B. didn’t need to spend        С. needn’t have spent        D. need have not spend

11…. Dan to hospital, he would have died.

A. Had they rushed           B. They had rushed        С. Had they not rushed         D. Have they not rushed

12. If Bob …, he would have passed the exam easily.

A. wasn’t so lazy         B. hadn’t been so lazy           С. hasn’t been so lazy            D. wasn’t been so lazy

13. The pdice gave an order that all weapons … in immediately.

A. should hand           B. should be handed          С. should handed        D. handed

14…. has only recently been recognized as a scientific study.

A. Economic           B. The Economics             C. Economics           D. An Economics

15. I have a friend … I ran with in the New York Marathon last year.

A. that       B.whom     С. which       D.who

16. The film is about the lives of three women,… are played by Kate Dillon.

A. all of whom        В. which all         C. who all           D. all of which

17. Passing the kitchen, he… a large glass of water.

A. stopped to drink      B. stopped drinking         С. stopped drink           D. had stopped to drink

18. I noticed … a sweet paper on the floor, so I asked him to pick it up.

A. he throw             B. him throw               С. him be throwing           D. him being thrown

19. While I was in Moscow I….

A. had tested my eyes            B. has my eyes tested              С. had my eyes being tested            D. had my eyes tested

20. Darlene insisted on taking the boat trip even ….

A. the sea was becoming quite rough

B. though the sea becoming quite rough

С. though the sea was becoming quite rough

D. although the sea was becoming quite rough

21.  … a reservation, it will be impossible to get a hotel room this weekend because of the jazz festival.

A. Without you have          B. If you have            С. Unless you have               D. Unless having

22. The children … to the zoo.

A. were enjoyed taken          B. enjoyed being taken           С. were enjoyed taking             D. enjoyed taking

23. The party was taken out to see a film … on location in the desert.

A. being shot         B. being now shot             С. while being shot            D. that being shot

24. The first NASA sub-orbital space flight was made by….

A. a trained carefully African chimpanzee

B. carefully trained African chimpanzee

С. an African carefully trained chimpanzee

D. a carefully trained African chimpanzee.

25. Although he was already in very poor health ….

A. the 1944 Yalta meeting with Churchill and Stalin was attended by Roosevelt.

B. Churchill and Stalin attended the 1944 Yalta meeting with Roosevelt

С. Roosevelt attended the 1944 Yalta meeting with Churchill and Roosevelt.

D. Roosevelt with Churchill and Stalin attended the 1944 Yalta meeting.

26. Secrecy was a decisive factor in the success of the D-day landings.

A. major       B. choice          С. significant        D. determining

27. She was an unluckily candidate for the position.

A. unpopular         B. risky          С. improbable            D. unqualified

28. Icy roads and poor visibility are familiar hazards in the Midwest

A. chances              B. dangers             С. conditions          D. occurrences

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