Тест №2 по грамматике для старших курсов с ключами


Instruction: Fill in each gap with an appropriate answer and put down the letter corresponding to the right answer in your ANSWER SHEET.

Only one answer is possible.
* * *
1. The World Cup Finals were in 1958 and Pele was looking forward ….

A. to playing     B. to play      C. to be playing

2. Climate is very important in … people’s lives.

A. most of       B. most       С. the most

3. In Madeira they have … weather almost all year.

A. the good           B. good          С. a good

4. He thought he … be able to play in the finals in Sweden.

A. isn’t going to         B. couldn’t          С. wasn’t going to

5. The history of the World Cup is … short one.

A. quite a        B. a quite          С. quite

6. The meeting … in the hall, but had to be cancelled at the last moment.

A. was to take place     B. was to has taken place   С. was to have been taken place       D. was to have taken place

7. Football … played for over a hundred years, but the first World Cup competition wasn’t held until 1930.

A. has been           B. is being          C. was

8. Italy,… won, went on to win the 1938 final.

A. which           B. that          С. who

9. The 1934 final was … two European teams, Czechoslovakia and Italy

A. among      B. between     С. against

10. The 1934 World Cup was again won by the home team, … has been the case
several times since then.

A. what       B. this        С. which

11. Now’s hardly the time to tell me you didn’t need a test at all,… ?

A. did you             B. is it           C. isn’t it

12. If the doctor had been called earlier, she … today.

A. would still be alive       B. would still have been alive      C. will still have been alive         D. will still be alive

13. … resigned, we would have been forced to sack him.

A. Had he not           B. Hadn’t he           C. He had not           D. He not had

14. Unless it… , I’ll pick you up at 6.00.

A. doesn’t rain         B. will not rain          C. rains         D. will rain

15. We’d better not delay reading this any longer,… ?

A. should we            B. did we           C. had we

16. Eighteen months after … in Norwich, she decided to buy … house.

A. she has arrived, her own         B. arriving, her a        C. arriving, her own       D. she has arrived, herself

17. Children seem to find computers easy, but many adults aren’t used to … with microtechnology.

A. work           B. the work        C. working

18. The party was taken out to see a film … on location in the desert.

A. being shot           B. being now shot           C. while being shot            D. that being shot

19. Bad money always … back.

A. have come           B. come            C. are coming             D. comes

20. You can pick up the basics quite quickly, if you ….

A. want to               B. would          С. are willing to

Instruction: In your ANSWER SHEET put the letter (А, В, С or D) for the word or phrase that best completes each sentence. Only one answer is possible.

20. I’ve read that report so many times I feel I know it… .

A. forwards       B. backwards         С. sideways           D. upside down

21. I think we’ve kept everybody in the … about the arrangements for far too

A. gloom     B. dusk           C. dark           D. night

22. Carolyn is not really well … with office procedures.

A. dressed          B. versed          C. acquainted            D. done

23. Their latest proposal runs … to everything they’ve been saying over the last year.

A. counter B. against С opposed D. competitive

24. The complainant… libel proceedings against the magazine.

A. founded                 B. created               С. initiated          D. set off

25. I kept trying to suggest to her it was time to go but she refused to … a hint.

A. drop            B. give           C. take           D. accept

26. Her outgoing character contrasts … with that of her sister.

A. sharply        B. thoroughly           С. fully        D. coolly

27. My father is forever finding … with the way I dress.

A. error             B. mistake          С. blemish         D. fault

28. Since Jonas Salk … his vaccine, infantile paralysis has virtually disappeared from the United States.

A. surfaced with              B. discovered              C. raised the price of             D. elevated

29. Many immigrants were prepared to work hard and in appalling conditions for the … of their descendants.

A. sake         B. health          C. property           D. entertainment

30. Stock-market analysts … a great variety of financial indicators.

A. come up with        B. look into          C. monitor        D. take care of

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